Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A short but sweet first post!

Inspired by other crafty bloggers today I have decided to start my own blog! I realise it will take commitment, an interesting life and (something I do well actually!) good grammar, wit and an uplifting writing style! I can't promise to write here each day, I am hoping my sewing business will start to take off a bit therefore I need to spend all my free time at my machine, however I will keep updating With anything mildly interesting that happens to me. So with this in mind, today's biggest success was that I ran a little children's sewing class. I set it up because my eldest daughter's friend from school is leaving and thought it would be lovely for each of the little friends to make something for her. I couldn't host unfortunately because we live too far from the others so we gate crashed someone else's kitchen for an hour. It went surprisingly well, some of them struggled doing the stitches round the edge of the hearts but with a bit of help they managed. They stuffed the hearts & stuck their own initial on the front. They seemed to massively enjoy themselves, and the final products were very good for inexperienced 7year olds! The hosting parent commented that the session and what we created had 'exceeded all expectations'. Other parents suggested a weekly sewing club! I would love to run something like that I must admit, but Im just so busy I really don't think I can fit that in too. Maybe an occasional little workshop like today's. Nice compliments though! Well that's it for my first post. The only way is up! Keep reading... HbH

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